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* Complete Levsen Organ OPUS #16- Stop List on Request Sold to highest bidder- * See Gallery photo

* Estey Opus 55- 2M/21 Ranks -See Gallery photo

*13 Ranks 1876 historic George Stevens * See Gallery photo

*1907 Austin Organ Opus#71 Rebuild by Levsen 1985 & 2005 * See Gallery for photo

*Wicks Opus #4242 - Forward 4-rank Complete W/ movable platforms *see Gallery photo

1 HP Simplex Blower 7" WP

1 Pneumatic Tremolo Klann Type

1 Pneumatic Tremolo OSI type

1- 36x48 Bellows Klann Type

1.5 Wicks Blower 120/240 volt

1960's Peterson relay 12 stop organ

2 Electric Tremolos

2 Manual 20 Ranks Hinners- Console & Pipework only

2 manual Reisner console with pedal board and bench

2 Manual Wicks console complete W/ Digital Relay for 10 ranks

2- 30x 42 Bellows Klann Type

30x 48 Bellows Moller Type

4 Wicks shade motors individual shade types

5 HP 3 phase 240 Spencer Blower

All electric side jam draw knob console in light oak w/ Keys, pedals & bench

Durst Silicon Rectifier- 30 Amp

Electric action relay built in the 80's still very functional Levsen Electric Action

Klann Conosle that would make nice rolltop Desk

LaMarche Orgelecta 25 amp con 50 max 240 volt

Mahogany Console

Many other Small Bellows

Numerous other shade motors

Numerous other Tremolos

Numerous Ranks of Pipes

Levsen Organ Company - P.O. Box 542 Buffalo, Iowa 52728 - (800) 397-1242 FAX (563) 381-1257