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Recently Completed Projects:

  • Saint Bernadette Catholic Church, Springfield, VA - Contracted August 2010 for an all-new 3 manual French style terraced drawknob console, all new relays and a total rebuild of the 3 manual - 26 rank organ.  This work completed in April 2011.

  • Grace Lutheran Church, Davenport, IA - Contracted October 2010 to rebuild, digitize, clean and releather bellows.  Three new ranks will be added to make the organ 12 ranks in size.  This work was completed August 2011.

  • Church of Christ, LaMotte, IA - Contracted to move, redesign, rebuild and digitize  and all new electric action windchests.  This work was completed December 2011.

  • First United Methodist Church, Lincoln, IL - Contracted June 2011 to rebuild and digitize the console.  This work was completed November 2011.

  • Grace Lutheran Church, Davenport, IA - Added 3 more ranks.  This work was completed February 2012, well before the April 2012 Dedication.

  • First United Methodist Church, Belmond, IA - Contracted June 2011 to rebuild/digitize the console & relay and augment the organ.  This work was completed April  2012.

What's Next:

  • Messiah Lutheran Church, Marquette, MI  - Contracted January 2012 to rebuild / digitize console & relay.  This work is scheduled to be completed 3rd Quarter 2012

  • First Baptist Church, Osage, IA - Contracted February 2012 to rebuild / digitize console & relay.  This work is scheduled to be start late summer / early fall 2012 pending sanctuary redecorating.

  • First Presbyterian Church, Lagrange, IN - Contracted July 2012 to clean and rebuild the organ and releather the bellows & pulldowns.


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